Josh Fleming

Josh is a software engineer and architect with 10 years of experience delivering products. He has coded in Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure, and various other languages and platforms. Josh co-founded Symora Networks in 2006 to build Camadel, a health assessment system allowing physicians to create real-time patient survey and intervention web applications.

Outside of building products, his interests are programming languages, algorithms, AI, and music.

Nachiketa Mishra

With a strong penchant for solving difficult problems, Nachiketa (a.k.a Nach) has provided application solutions for the last 6 years. An entreprenuer at heart, he thrives on applying the latest technologies and core computer science fundamentals to solve business problems within scope and time.

At Symora, Nach has handled multimillion dollar projects from inception to go-live and has helped clients to achieve their goals. He has worked in Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, JavaScript, mobile libraries, Obj-C and database technologies. Lately, he has focused on machine learning techniques and their large scale applications in business domains.